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Ground Work Collective (GWC) seeks to address several key issues to not only empower citizens to participate in the development of their own sustainable livelihoods but also to develop and uplift their communities.

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Self-starting, civic-minded leaders and organisations that have established a track record of driving issues that contribute to positive change in their communities in the following areas: Food production and access to water, Entrepreneurship, Civic education

Are you seeking to financially or via in-kind means, support community changemakers

Contribute to civic education programs driving registration, awareness of rights, and constitutionalism.

Ambassadors will be drawn from sectors including; Business; Faith-based organizations; The Arts; Sport; The Nonprofit Sector; South African Diaspora

Interested in coaching Community Change-makers across the country

What can you do to help?

Community Projects

Ground Work Collective partners with and initiates community-based projects that are focussed on optimal impact, whether they be to ones that operate on the fortified food production space, or ones that are focussed on skills development and entrepreneurship.

Collective Action

In order to meet its main objective to be a force for change, Ground Work Collective has developed a three year strategy for the period 2023- 2025

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GWC needs you!

The ever-expanding GWC community needs you to be a part of its mission and to realize its vision.